TV-Helden Folge 46 with Evan Shapiro (Media Universe Cartographer) about his Lessons Learned in TV-Industry, US media apocalypse and the German TV Broadcasters

„Being years behind the American Media market is now somewhat of an advantage for German Media, especially the Public Service Media sector. By not chasing after American Media, there’s a chance that German Media can avoid the mistakes that have led the US entertainment industrial complex to their current collective apocalypse. But you still have to choose to avoid it.“

Evan Shapiro, the official, unofficial cartographer of the Media Universe, shared his insights into the tech and entertainment ecosystem, as well as his vision for the future of the media industry.

We discussed the mega-trends shaping television in the US and the future developments we can expect in the German market. What we can expect for the future of TV? Valuable insights how TV platforms should differ or strive for. Why a la card and bundling is YES AND and why Google is a FRENEMY. Hear Evan’s predictions about Google TV, ZDF, ARD, RTL, ProSiebenSat.1, Amazon, Youtube …

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Hrsg: Christian Heinkele

Consultant, Trainer and Congress Host for the TV of tomorrow. Spcialized in TV Product Management, Content Sourcing as well as Sales and Marketing in GSA.